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Your security is very important to us.

J and J Enterprises (the owner of operates its own server, housed and physically maintained in a large central "server farm". Your shopping cart resides on a secure server. Your credit card information is placed in a non-publicly accessible part of that server (in other words, www.bdsmhardware/anything will never access the credit card number). Those numbers are also encrypted with 256 bit encryption. Your order is transmitted to us via e-mail, without the credit card information. We then log into the secure server, using a lengthy and encrypted password (which is not on any of our drives here), and retrieve your credit card numbers (at the same time deleting them from the server), maintaining the encryption. Lastly, we take that computer off the network, and decrypt the credit card numbers with a program that is part of our shopping cart system, entering it into our computers that track, invoice, and ship your order.

Those computers are not accessible from the internet, and only our office staff has access to your credit card information. Our order status server, which you can use to see your order, and see your billing (instructions are emailed with your order acknowledgment) does not hold your credit card information. While it may seem like a huge amount of effort, it has become second nature to us, and is a lot better than having to email our customers and inform them that someone may have obtained their credit card numbers. In this manner we provide the utmost in safety for your personal information.

The cart does recognize our other sites, and you can order from all of our sites at the same time, and combine them into one order.

If you have any questions or comments on our security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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