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Segma snap setter for leather craft thumbnail
Segma snap setter
and anvil
Large hole punch set for leather craft thumbnail
Large hole punch set
Strap cutter for leather craft thumbnail
Strap cutters
Standard and Deluxe
Segma snaps are most often found on gloves, and small purses. This small hand setter kit will set them properly. We use this, and the smaller set to punch literally thousands of holes a year. Cut straps from hides easily up to 3" in width, larger on some leathers.
Deluxe setter kit for leather craft thumbnail
Deluxe setter kit
Small hole punch set for leather craft thumbnail
Small hole punch set
Pounding boards for leather craft thumbnail
Pounding boards
This is the most comprehensive setting kit we offer. Sets most of the fasteners found on our site. The smaller version of the large punch set, between the two you can punch holes for almost any purpose. Protect your tools for maximum wear with a protective pounding surface.
All snap setter kit for leather craft thumbnail
"All Snap"
setter kit
Oblong punches for leather craft thumbnail
Oblong punches
Bench anvil for leather craft thumbnail
Bench anvil
Set almost any standard snap with this kit. Punch slot holes in three different sizes with your choice of these punches. The perfect hard surface for all your rivet, eyelet, grommet, and snap setting needs.
3/16 inch eyelet setter thumbnail
3/16" eyelet setter
and anvil
Replacement blades
Set 3/16" eyelets properly and neatly with this setter kit.   Strong sturdy blades for our strap cutter.
1/4 inch eyelet setter thumbnail
1/4" eyelet setter
and anvil
Leather needle set
Set 1/4" eyelets properly and neatly with this setter kit.   For lighter leather, this assortment of needles will get the job done.
Grommet setters with anvil thumbnail
Grommet setters
with anvils
  Rotary hole punch for leather craft thumbnail
Rotary hole punch
Grommets must be set with the proper size matching setter and anvil. They are available here.   Tight spots, or a few holes to punch? The rotary punch tool fills the need.
Rivet setter for leather craft thumbnail
Rivet setter
Small and inexpensive, but you can't properly set rivets without one.    
Line 20 snap setter thumbnail
Line 20 snap setter
Set line 20 snaps properly with this small setter.    
Line 24 snap setter thumbnail
Line 24 snap setter
Set line 24 snaps properly with this small setter.    
Sewing awl for leather craft thumbnail
Snap and rivet
Set rivets and snaps while keeping the nice domed shape which indicates a professional product.    

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