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Grommet Setters

Grommet setter
Use this setter and anvil to set various size grommets . You need to use the setter that matches the size of the grommets you are setting which is indicated in the order table below.

Set the cap anvil (the little thingy) on a very solid surface, or our bench anvil , insert the grommet through a hole in your material of the same size, and place the grommet onto the cap anvil with the back side of the leather up. Now set the washer (the other part of the two pieces that come with each grommet) over the grommet, being sure that the concave (dish shaped) side is facing up. Slide your finger down the tool until you are depressing the washer against the grommet then strike firmly, but not hard, numerous times, slightly altering the setter off center to fully depress the grommet, and cause it to propertly roll over and seal itself against the washer.

Our video showing how to set grommets

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Items used in this video

Grommet setter with anvil thumbnail
Grommet setters
with anvils

Small hole punch set for leather craft thumbnail
Small hole punch set

Bench anvil for leather craft thumbnail
Bench anvil

Pounding boards for leather craft thumbnail
Pounding boards

Grommet thumbnail

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00 134 $5.00
0 206 $6.50
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1 222 $7.50
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2 512 $10.00

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