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1/4" eyelet setter

1/4 inch eyelet setter
Specifically designed to match the contour of 1/4" eyelets .

Set the cap anvil (the little thingy) on a very solid surface, or our bench anvil , insert the eyelet through a hole in your material of the same size, and place the eyelet onto the cap anvil with the "bad" side up. Strike firmly, but not hard, numerous times, slightly altering the setter off center to fully depress the eyelet, and cause it to propertly roll and catch the leather or fabric.


Our video showing how to set eyelets

(JandJHardware and bdsmHARDware are both J and J Enterprises companies)

Items used in this video

3/16 inch eyelet setter for leather craft thumbnail
3/16" eyelet setter
and anvil

Small hole punch set for leather craft thumbnail
Small hole punch set

Bench anvil for leather craft thumbnail
Bench anvil

Pounding boards for leather craft thumbnail
Pounding boards

3/16 inch eyelets for leather craft
3/16" Eyelets

Additional items that can be used the same way

1/4 inch eyelets for leather craft
1/4" Eyelets

1/4 inch eyelet setter for leather craft thumbnail
1/4" eyelet setter
and anvil

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