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Rivet Setter

Rivet setter for leather craft
Use this to set any of the rivets in the table below. A very simple (and inexpensive) tool, but probably the most used.

If you are using double capped rivets and want the underside to be slightly domed (as you will get on the top side from this tool), then you want to use a cup anvil as well. Set the cup anvil on a hard surface, like our bench anvil , and then set. If you want the underside of double capped rivets flat, omit the cup anvil. Single cap rivets do not require, and cannot use, the cup anvil.


All rivets in this table can be set with this setter.
Rivet Style Accepts
Cup Anvil?
Small Standard Rivets No
Medium Standard Rivets No
Large Standard Rivets No
Small Double Cap Rivets Yes
Medium Double Cap Rivets Yes
Large Double Cap Rivets Yes

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