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Pounding Board

Pounding boards for leather craft
There is nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good tool by banging it on the wrong thing. And if you think a wooden board is the right thing, then you'll go through tools real fast!

These pounding (also known as protecto or poundo) boards are a rubber composite, specifically made to absorb the force of a cutting tool or punching tool, and protect the edges. Not a wimpy board, these are 7/32" or just under 1/4" thick and very dense. Unfortunately, with that density comes weight. They ship at 3-4 pounds, and if it is all you order our cart will probably underestimate the freight. If you would like to know the final charges before we ship, just add a note in your comments box at check out, and will will quote you and wait for your response before invoicing your card.

With extremely hard use (8 hours a day, 5 days a week), we get about 6 months of pounding on a 12 X 12 board... you do the math. It is a cheap way to protect your tools.

Two sizes available below .

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11 2/3" X 11 2/3"

11 2/3" X 23 1/3"

These are intended to be 12" X 12" or 24" X 12", but sometimes in the extruding process the edges get a little "funny"
and need to be trimmed before cutting. Your board will be at least the size indicated.

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