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Bench Anvil

Bench anvil for leather craft
Bench anvil for leather craft
Suitable for a base for just about any of our tools (not cutting, but striking and setting), this small bench anvil is also one of those items we could not live without. Despite the fact that we own 4 bench rivet setters, 4 foot activated rivet and snap setters, and a pneumatic snap setter, we still reach for one of our 4 bench anvils every day.

The striking surface on this is about 3 1/2" by 1 3/4". We get these from two different manufacturers, because they are heavy, and we combine it with other heavy items for a freight shipment. The product you receive may vary in color and slightly in design from the photo, but the dimensions are the same.

Have a tight situation? Check out our ultra-mini 2 pound anvil .


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