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Strap Cutter

Strap cutter for leather craft
This gets a huge workout in our shop. We have about 6 or 8 of them floating around, and we would be lost without them. Cut a nice clean strap from a straight piece of leather, of just about any weight (won't work for sole bends, or other absurdly heavy leather). Cuts easily up to 3", and will actually cut larger, but we find that over 3" is a little difficult except with moderately heavy leather (7 ounce or greater). The problem is that the lighter leather has a tendency to curl slightly inside the cutter, no matter how you adjust the cutter, so the width kind of "wobbles" a bit. This isn't really an issue for most people, as most are usually cutting much smaller than 3" strips.

The pieces of leather for restraints, collars, suspenders, basically any "strip" can be cut by hand with a blade and a ruler, but we promise you will ruin more leather by making little errors than the cost of this tool. And, you'll cut your time by at least 75%.

We offer two versions versions, both function the same, are the same size, and are made by the same manufacturer. The difference is in the quality and size of the hardware that goes into them. The deluxe has a larger clamping disc and screw and has metal reinforced ends. If you are a casual user you will get many years of use out of the standard, and we have no trouble suggesting you select that unit. If it is for daily use, multiple times a day, you will be changing blades far more often, and making many more adjustments. In that case the deluxe will probably be a better investment in the long run.

The deluxe is pictured in the main photo above, and in the photos below (click on any of them for a larger image).

The standard can be see in all of the photos below.

Also available - fits either unit 5 pack of replacement blades

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Our video showing how to set up and use the leather strap cutter

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Strap cutter

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