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Hole Punch Set - Large

Large hole punch set for leather craft
Punch clean holes in your leather project with this punch set. Yes, you can use a rotary punch , we even offer one, and they do have their uses at times, but if you want clean, quick, perfect holes, nothing beats a simple hand drive punch like this.

This is the larger of two versions, the smaller version might be what you need if you are punching holes for rivets or snaps. The holes in this are used more often for eyelets and grommets.

If you are making restraints, this is the set you will need to punch the hole for the center bar of roller buckles. All the rest of the holes (rivets, and the holes for the tongues) are found in the smaller punch set .

Set includes 5 tubes (see sizing below), handle, and wrench. To avoid damage to the punches, we suggest one of our pounding boards .


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This set comes with the following punches:
Size Diameter
6 3/16"
7 13/64"
8 7/32"
9 1/4"
10 17/64"
12 5/16"

This handle differs from our smaller punch . The punch tubes that come with this handle will not fit the other handle.

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